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Andrew Kahumbu

We recently created two separate photography brands for Andrew Kahumbu. Whilst both are run by the same photographer, there were key differences in the brands, so we wanted to show the comparison between both outcomes and how EN-TE approached both briefs with matched effort and analysis.

The first of these projects was a brand identity for Andrew's new business, Headshot Pros, specialising in creative commercial headshots as well as comprehensive branded lifestyle photography. The second was a rebrand for his existing company, Andrew Kahumbu Photography, specialising in wedding photography. With different target markets, and very different creative outcomes, it was important that both identities reflected this. 


Identity & Branding


Andrew Kahumbu

Headshot Pros Logo_White.png
Logo (White).png

Our first challenge was to create a brand identity for Headshot Pros where Andrew is targeting entrepreneurs, speakers, professionals and senior management. He also wanted to encourage a more creative audience to work with, such as aspiring social media influences and bloggers. Andrew recognises that an online presence is extremely important for all such professionals, and having a brand that was flexible enough to work across all aspects of digital media was therefore really important. 

Andrew wanted the identity to have a professional and premium feel, but reflect the creativity of his photography. There is plenty of competition within Norwich and Norfolk, so it was important for both brands to stand out from the rest.

The Headshot Pros logo uses a clear, modern and simplistic typeface. We wanted to create something subtle and creative, so the ‘A’ has been designed to look like a camera and tripod. This was then developed and used as a creative device throughout the brand. In some instances such as social media the icon will be used on its own instead of the full logo, therefore becoming a recognisable device for Headshot Pros.  

Our second challenge was to rebrand Andrew’s current business, Andrew Kahumbu Photography. In comparison to Headshot Pros this brand required the same modern look but a more elegant feel. Instead of using the full name of the business we decided to shorten this to Andrew’s initials, this allowed the ‘logo mark’ to be transferable to all applications. It was also important for the brand to have an aspect of femininity with Andrew’s main target audience being the bride. We achieved this by using a lightweight script font with round edges and a careful use of colour, with this reflecting the elegance of a wedding.  


Limited palette, colourful photography

The Headshot Pros identity uses a very limited colour palette. A vibrant orange has been used as a highlight colour, allowing specific design elements to stand out and become more prominent. Andrew Kahumbu Photography also uses a limited colour palette, we felt that both identities needed this to allow Andrew’s photography to stand out and not become over-powered by colour. The soft green primary colour used for Andrew Kahumbu Photography is luxurious and also helps the brand to stand out, as the market is oversaturated with logos utilising pink, beige and lilac tones. Using a totally different shade helps Andrew Kahumbu Photography stand out amongst the crowd. 

"I thought working with an agency would have been a daunting task: would they get me, my brand vision, my market? Working with EN-TE though put all my worries aside. Right from the start I had video calls and emails with the whole team. Everyone at EN-TE was working together with me on my new branding. 

With both of my new brands they delivered their initial concepts quickly and within a few weeks I had a second and more refined concept idea to build on. My final branding assets were then delivered quickly and the communication with the whole EN-TE team was fantastic throughout. I'm looking forward to working with EN-TE again in the future.

Andrew Kahumbu, Owner

Headshot Pros & Andrew Kahumbu Photography

Andrew Kahumbu Case Study_Laptop.png

“It was an extremely enjoyable process creating new identities for both of Andrew's photography businesses. With Andrew being a creative like ourselves, it was great to combine all of our creativity to achieve the final outcome. It will be great to see both brands grow their new identities.”

Laura, Creative Partner


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