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Andrew Kahumbu Photography

Andrew Kahumbu is a local Norfolk business specialising in wedding photography. He is extremely passionate about great photography and capturing the perfect moment.


Identity & Branding


Andrew Kahumbu

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Andrew captures special moments in time to create a story that you can look back over and over again. He specialises in warm, nostalgic and creative shots. The overall identity needed to look premium and professional, as well as express elegance to reflect the nature of his photography.

"Working with EN-TE put all my worries aside. Right from the start I had video calls and emails with the whole team. My final branding assets were delivered quickly and the communication with the whole EN-TE team was fantastic throughout. I'm looking forward to working with EN-TE again in the future."

Andrew Kahumbu

Modern & Elegant

The Andrew Kahumbu Photography logo reflects a modern and elegant feel. Instead of using the full name of the business we decided to shorten this to Andrew's initials, this allowed the 'logo mark' to be transferable to all applications. It was important for the brand to have an aspect of femininity with Andrew's main target audience being the bride. We achieved this by using a lightweight script font with round edges and a careful use of colour, with this reflecting the elegance of a wedding. 


Similar to Andrew's other photography business, the brand uses a very limited colour palette. We felt that the identity needed a reduced colour palette to allow Andrew's photography to stand out. This made sure that Andrew's work didn't become overwhelmed by any brand colours. We also chose a colour that's different to the majority of wedding photography brands to allow Andrew's business to stand out.

Andrew Kahumbu Business Card V1.png
Andrew Kahumbu Macbook V1.png
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