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Ask About Games

Ask About Games is a multi-year campaign powered by Ukie, the trade body for video games. Their main aim is to help parents and families navigate the world of video games safely. They do this by providing advice, information and PEGI ratings on the latest game releases. This helps millions of parents, families and carers find the best games for their children every month. 


Branding & Digital



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EN-TE were approached to create a rebrand for Ask About Games. The brief that came from Ukie was to create an exciting and fun, but informative new brand. Our main aim was to create a trusted, recognisable identity for parents to use to make a safer gaming environment for children.  


The logo we created for Ask about Games uses a bold typeface, suitable for both web and print. The brand uses high contrasting colours for easy legibility. Four icons were created as part of the logo, symbolising the idea of the four gaming icons on a gaming control. These icons have been developed to represent four different sections of the brand. These are; Ask, Guides, Tips and Power Up. 


All brand assets were developed using the bold, colourful brand elements to keep visuals bright and engaging. In some instances the icons have been used on their own within the logo, especially in individual sections of the Ask About Games website. Other times the icons have been used as a group to form patterns, bullet points and other creative collateral. The repeat pattern of the icons can be applied to any printed or digital application for maximum brand awareness. Light, relatable photography has also been used to ensure a recognisable consistency throughout the brand.


Clear & Concise

The vibrant coloured icons create a playful, fun part of the brand. However, another important part of the brief was for the identity to be clear and concise, guiding parents safely through the depths of video games. We achieved this by using bold messaging, and a clear legible primary and secondary font. 

"We were delighted to work with EN-TE on rebranding Ask About Games. EN-TE’s innovative approach captured the playful essence needed to appeal to families while maintaining the necessary gravitas to assure parents. They adeptly navigated the nuances of the video games world, creating a visual and communicative identity that resonates deeply with our mission to guide parents safely through the complexities of video games. Their professionalism and understanding of the brief ensured a seamless, successful collaboration.” 

Bhavina Bharkhada

Head of Communications and Campaigns

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“We were thrilled to be a part of the re-branding project for Ask About Games. We loved creating a new brand which encapsulated not only its fun side, but it’s informative & educational side for parents. It's always great to work with Bhavina, she always puts her trust fully in us."

Laura, Creative Partner


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