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The British Book Design & Production Awards exist to celebrate the innovation, design and production of physical books and to champion the fantastic work done each year by the print industry.



Print & Event Design


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Back for another year, the BPIF approached EN-TE again to create a brand to run right through the awards. Our concept acknowledges the unique inputs at every stage of the production process, which come together and result in a fantastic end product. Unique & United.

From tickets and signage, to presentation screens and room decor, the Unique & United  visuals carry on throughout to create a fully immersive experience. This culminated in the Book of the Night; a catalogue of all entries that won awards or were shortlisted.

Unique_1 2.png

The visual identity is based around the Book of the Night, which this year was presented as a set of 10 books. Whilst each book block is identical, the page edges are printed across the group and were presented to each table as a full set. Each guest then selected their individual book, unique within that set.

A special moment for those lucky enough to attend the event, the United visual is lost, and each book is left with the Unique title on the cover. Further visuals cues were created by using the bold peach bespoke handwritten typeface style for Unique, and the regimented and close fitting United sitting subtly behind.

As ever, the books take pride of place, and how they were presented was crucially important. Working with Laurence Davis Photography, our design team set out to catalogue the finalists with over 600 shots taken before being whittled down, optimised and edited into the selection included in the book.

The book was printed on the Canon varioPRINT iX3200 inkjet system. Printing in 1200dpi high definition, with all of the benefits that inkjet technology can bring, allowed for precision and consistent colour reproduction showing the photography at its absolute best.


“It was really enjoyable working with EN-TE to produce the Book of the Night. So often production are only involved at the end when the specification is finalised, but with this project Halstan was involved right from the start of the process. It just shows that when manufacturing and design work together in collaboration what new and exciting ideas can come forward. 


The result is a book that we are really proud of and EN-TE’s creative talents really helped showcase our production capabilities.”

Rupert Smith,
Chief Executive


Halstan logo on white no cities RGB.jpg
Image by Ugur Akdemir

"It's always a pleasure to work on these awards and each year push the creative boundaries along with the rest of the production team that we're so lucky to work with. The end result was something totally different to the awards over the last 10 years and a really special item to keep for the award attendees." 

Nathan, Senior Partner


Photography by Laurence Davis Photography

Printed by Halstan

Bound & finished by Diamond Print Services

Paper supplied by Mondi PERGRAPHICA®

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