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The British Book Design & Production Awards exist to celebrate the innovation, design and production of physical books and to champion the fantastic work done each year by the print industry.



Print & Event Design


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Storytellers are the bridge between imagination and reality. Their unique ability can transport us to different worlds, ignite our emotions, and challenge our perspectives. Their words are carried from generation to generation, preserving knowledge, heritage, and values. 


Building on the United:Unique theme of 2022 which celebrated the print and production teams that put these beautiful books together, this year EN-TE wanted to take a step back to focus on the authors and content creators that have the ideas and vision to put pen to paper.

From tickets and signage, to presentation screens and room decor, the Storytellers visual carried on throughout to create a fully immersive experience. This culminated in the Book of the Night; a catalogue of all entries that won awards or were shortlisted.

The full list of shortlisted entries and the final winners are also available on the awards website.

BOTN23 Pic_1.png

EN-TE worked closely with Halstan and Diamond Print Services from concept stage right through to production. The book was printed by Halstan using high definition inkjet technology in 1200dpi on Sappi’s Magno Volume 150 gsm, with all the benefits that inkjet technology can bring, allowing for precision and consistent colour reproduction. 


Orange thread was used as a highlight to compliment the mandarin shade of G.F Smith Colorplan used for the covers and the fly leaves. The cover sheets were embossed to give a pronounced textured feel. Fly leaves were attached front and back and then the books were Ota-bound. Ota-binding involves adding glue and tape to the thread-sewn spine of the books and then attaching the cover either side of the spine. This method of binding allows the book to open flat and offers a wonderful aesthetic.


The covers were die-cut to expose the printed fly-leaves below and then each book was edge-printed as a finishing touch.

As ever, the books take pride of place, and how they were presented was crucially important. Working with Laurence Davis Photography, our design team set out to catalogue the finalists with nearly 700 shots taken before being whittled down, optimised and edited into the selection included in the book.

An extra honour on the evening was our Senior Partner, Nathan, being asked to present the Children's Trade awards, with Passionate About Penguins and My Adventure with Alice: A Travel Journal Through Wonderland picking up the honours.

BOTN23 Pic_4.png

“It was really enjoyable working with EN-TE to produce the Book of the Night. So often production are only involved at the end when the specification is finalised, but with this project Halstan was involved right from the start of the process. It just shows that when manufacturing and design work together in collaboration what new and exciting ideas can come forward. 


The result is a book that we are really proud of and EN-TE’s creative talents really helped showcase our production capabilities.”

Rupert Smith,
Chief Executive


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"It was our third year collaborating on the awards and it was a great pleasure to yet again create something so special with our partners. It is rare to see the reaction of one's end user so immediately, so being in the room whilst the Book of the Night was handed out and looked through by the award attendees was not only nerve-racking, but in the end very satisfying."

Nathan, Senior Partner


Book Photography by Laurence Davis Photography

Printed by Halstan

Bound & finished by Diamond Print Services

Paper supplied by Sappi and G.F Smith

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