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Bobby Spooner

Bobby Spooner is a small Norfolk business run by Robert Lester, who creates woodware from local sustainably sourced wood. As well as making physical products, he offers courses to share skills and encourage others to reconnect with nature. 


Identity & Branding



Robert John Lester

Ben Leach 

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Bobby Spooner White Logo.png

Robert aims his creations at anybody who has an appreciation for handmade products and the processes involved. Individuals who tend to purchase his products are often conscious of the effect that mass production is having on the environment. His courses appeal to curious minds who want to learn new skills and take a break from a fast-paced life. He believes that making something by hand from natural materials is extremely grounding and can have many benefits to mental wellbeing. This is one of the many reasons why Robert wanted to start a business and encourage others to get involved.    


Robert approached us to create a brand identity for Bobby Spooner. He wanted the brand to adapt to being used on applications such as social media and marketing materials for his woodwork courses. He envisioned the brand to evoke simplicity, a handmade feel and a connection with nature. It was important for the brand identity to reflect these points and not to be diluted with less important information. 

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Modern & Minimalistic

After being fully briefed about Robert Lester and his company, the team spent some time exploring many different routes and styles. EN-TE created a brand identity with a friendly and approachable feel, whilst still maintaining a strong presence for both digital and print applications. The overall logo has a very modern and minimalistic design. Geometric lines have been used in the letter ‘b’ to form the shape of a tree. Having a symbol of nature in the logo was extremely important to Robert as his whole brand evolves around nature. The simplistic ‘b’ can be used individually or within the full logo making it easy to apply to all varieties of applications.

"I recently worked with EN-TE to create a new brand for my craft business, and I was really struck by their professionalism and friendly approach. When developing my brief, they listened carefully and presented me with a range of options. We were able to discuss this over a video call on more than one occasion, and made me feel really valued as a client. I am delighted with the final product. The design of the brand identity is representative of my company and meets all the requirements that I specified at the outset. It has been a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.” 

Robert John Lester, Maker & Teacher

Bobby Spooner

Bobby Spooner Business Card v1.0
Bobby Spooner Silver Badge v1.0.png
Bobby Spooner Badge v1.0.png
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"We thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating a brand identity for Bobby Spooner. Working with Robert Lester was a great pleasure, his passion and enthusiasm for his business was shown in every stage of the project. It was important to design a brand that encompassed his ethos, and his open mindedness allowed us to do that. We have a great working relationship with Robert, and we look forward to that continuing in the future."

Laura, Creative Partner


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