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Eggbox Studios

Eggbox Studios is a CGI, animation & 3D visualisation studio based in Norwich. EN-TE were approached to create an exciting and playful new brand to encapsulate the imaginative and quirky vibes of Eggbox, so named for its less corporate feel in this creative space.


Identity & Branding


Steve Bjorck

Eggbox Studios (Logo Animation).gif

The brief that came from Eggbox Studios was to not be corporate or predictable, but instead to be fun and innovative for a small studio that has the abilities of a large agency with less of the restraints.

"EN-TE did a fantastic job of guiding me through the branding & redesign process. Existing ideas were sensitively considered while new concepts took the branding into exciting new directions. The branding created by EN-TE offers a perfect balance of professionalism and playfulness and will guide Eggbox Studios into a new chapter."

Steve Bjorck

Distinctively Fun

Eggbox Studios presented EN-TE with a great opportunity to flex those creative muscles. Once the letterforms had been created, the 'g' icon was used as a device of the branding. Using the layout of the organic, circular shapes to hold images, a style was constructed to become a unique and distinctive application for use on social media and the website, to display new works, accompany studio updates or signify events/holidays.

Eggbox Studios Logo Image 2.png
Eggbox Studios Logo Image 1.png


With the new icon there are almost limitless opportunities for the logo to be recreated using imagery, whether found in photography or created using Eggbox Studios' 3D generation skills and abilities.

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