Headshot Pros

Headshot Pros is a Norfolk business run by professional photographer Andrew Kahumbu. He specialises in creative commercial headshots as well as comprehensive branded lifestyle photography. 


Identity & Branding


Andrew Kahumbu

Andrew helps build a consistent and engaging portfolio of images for your professional network and to share with your audience. The overall identity needed to look premium and professional, as well as express creativity to reflect his portfolio. 

"I worked with the EN-TE team over the course of a couple of months. The team meticulously kept to their self-imposed deadlines and timelines and communicated with me with regularity and quality... I would not hesitate to recommend them as a professional and capable agency."

Andrew Kahumbu

Clear & Clever

The Headshot Pros logo uses a clear, modern and simplistic typeface. We wanted to create something subtle and creative, so the ‘A’ has been designed to look like a camera and tripod. This was then developed and used as a creative device throughout the brand. In some instances such as social media the icon will be used on it’s own instead of the full logo, therefore becoming a recognisable device for Headshot Pros.  


A very limited brand colour pallet has been used to allow Andrew’s photography to be the main focus point. Although the brand has limited colours, the vibrancy of the orange allows specific design elements to stand out and be highlighted. 

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