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inPrint is a magazine produced by the BPIF to keep their members up to date with the latest business and industry insights from printing experts. EN-TE were asked to transform the design of the magazine to be full of creative and clever spreads. 


Editorial Design



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The BPIF is a trade association in the print industry. They inspire those in the UK print, packaging, and graphic communication industries to see opportunities for growth. BPIF make it their mission to educate, inspire and equip the future generation of print, so each issue of their magazine helps them to do this.

"The inner pages are always cleverly laid out, displaying our information, guidance and best practice in an easy-to-read yet unique fashion, and the covers are always striking and beautiful. The passion, professionalism, and talent that EN-TE have for design is clearly shown through inPrint. It is always a pleasure working on each issue, and I look forward to working on many more together!"

Georgina Cox, InPrint Editor

Clever & Creative

Although the magazine follows a specific brand style, EN-TE always aims to bring creativity and clever design elements to each issue. We try to push boundaries with each page, making the content as interactive and aesthetically pleasing as possible. 


The overall look of the magazine is clean and simplistic but with a bold use of graphics. Each front cover is completely different to the last, which makes the reader more excited to see the next issue.

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