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Lighthouse IT

Lighthouse IT are focused on technology services from comprehensive cybersecurity to robust network solutions and strategic IT consulting. With an existing logo, they needed some accompanying brand guidelines, a new website design, social media assets and template documents.


Website & Brand Development


Lighthouse IT

Website 1.png

Lighthouse had the ability to build a website themselves, but they wanted the collaborative support of EN-TE's design ideas to further develop their branded elements alongside a new website design.

The brief was for a luxury, high-end feel to reflect the clientele Lighthouse work with, and the level of their services. The was achieved through a palette of complimentary colours, dark photography and minimal fonts & icons.

Dark & Light

With a new darker visual style, the original Lighthouse bright green & blue colours stand out, allowing for headings and icons to have maximum visibility. Overall the newly developed brand gives Lighthouse IT a striking and vivid new image.

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