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MakeUK Executive Survey

Make UK champions and celebrates British manufacturing and manufacturers. The Executive Survey is an annual report that looks at statistics from the past year, and advice going ahead. This was of particular importance with the impacts of Brexit and COVID-19 on the manufacturing sector this year.


Report Design



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The Executive Survey was compiled and written in December and published at the beginning of January. The design process involved a quick turnaround, and multiple rounds of amends due to the ever changing nature of Brexit advice.

"We have worked with Nathan for almost twelve years. The projects we work on require speed, attention to detail and always great design. EN-TE are one of my go to designers. They are always very pleasant to work with and totally reliable."

Natasha Boyle, Head of Strategic Communications

Informative & Important

The report is about what the business landscape will look like for manufacturers over the next 12 months. The survey covers ground in a number of areas that will interest both manufacturers and policymakers alike. In particular, manufacturers were asked what they believe the key risks will be in 2021 as well as what they plan to do to mitigate those risks. The survey and its results were picked up by national news, with the CEO of MakeUK being interviewed live on Sky News.

Make It Creative

MakeUK have well established brand guidelines controlling fonts and colours, so it was down to EN-TE to push those boundaries to create interesting and exciting visual layouts to compliment the information and convey the facts clearly.

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