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Melo Therapy

Melo was created to support people in overcoming any mental health struggles they face, and to make therapy services more readily available than they are currently. EN-TE were approached by founder Alex Keenan to create a new identity for Melo Therapy and an online presence. 


Branding & Web


Alex Keenan

Melo Logo (Dark).png

It was important the image for Melo Therapy was calming and approachable. The logo is hand drawn with smooth letter forms that are soft and friendly, so that the appearance of the brand is appealing to all no matter their age, gender or struggles. The logo is also accompanied by an icon that represents the talking therapies Melo therapists offer.

Melo Icon (Light).png

EN-TE designed & built a bespoke website for Melo Therapy that allows for users to contact via 3 avenues, including phone & email, Live Chat or a detailed response form. The client was given detailed backend training for all contact integrations so that going forward the platform can be effectively managed. A template social media post design was also created in an editable format for the client, so the branding will be consistent across all applications.

Melo Devices.png

The website created for Melo Therapy is clean and inviting. The colour scheme is calm, and based around an image that represents serenity and feeling clarity. During the design & build process EN-TE made sure to gain feedback and market research from people of varying backgrounds and experiences of mental health issues so that the final outcome is suited to and influenced by a wide range of potential users.

Woman with Laptop

"EN-TE were absolutely fantastic with me. I was someone who knew roughly what I wanted from a website but I had no clue in how to fulfil it. I looked at EN-TE to basically read my mind and produce a site that not only functioned correctly but also looked and felt how I wanted. Fortunately, the team asked the right questions, were patient and very creative. I put my trust in them and they delivered. EN-TE are a really nice bunch that you know will do their utmost to deliver you what you want and need. I would 100% recommend and use again."

Alex Keenan, Founder

Melo Therapy

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