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EN-TE Bakes

A little Monday motivation for the team! Let’s face it, we’ve all needed a little motivation these last few months. Introducing EN-TE Bakes..

Baking has always been a passion of mine, but lockdown has allowed me to use more time to practice and be creative. Living in a household of only two, eating a batch of twelve cupcakes would be quite a challenge. With not being able to see anybody, we decided we would start delivering them to friends, family and work colleagues in and around the city. Just a small gesture delivered on the doorstep to let them know we were thinking of them, and who doesn’t love cake right?!⠀

From our lockdown experience we should all know how important it is to make others feel loved and appreciated. A small gesture can give others the confidence and inspiration to be their very best. Whether those others are your family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues, we can all continue to use our time to be kinder and think of others. ⠀



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