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"Monolithic! Should have been in an award category of its own".

The British Book Design & Production Awards were hosted on the 8th November, and our 'Book of the Night' catalogue finally released.

A piece of work months in the making, but a pleasure to produce and push the creative boundaries to create something totally different to a normal 'catalogue'.

"Will it stand up?" It's rare this question is asked during the production of a book, but for this, it was imperative. The concept was based around the Immersion text disappearing into the table, and whilst we could have rotated the text, we asked ourselves why not angle the book?

The exterior format created a far from standard interior layout. We used the jump in pages (320 up from around 90 most years) allowed by the smaller size to ensure each entry had at least it's own page, and usually a spread. This gave us the flexibility to bring in more fabulous photography from Laurence Davis and showcase the winning books in the most possible ways.

Utilising print technology from Halstan, we were able to use multiple different stocks within the book. All from the Mondi Pergraphica® range, we brought in coloured sheets as section dividers and endpapers all finished off with a kraftboard cover and a foiled social distancing inspired design.

You can read more about this project and its collaborators here.


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