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Third Time Lucky! 🤞⠀

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In the real world nothing goes perfectly, especially baking. We’ve all seen the meltdowns in the Bake-Off tent, but after the success of last month’s cupcakes, I decided to take on another challenge. So… flapjacks. How hard could they be? Whenever I head back home my mum makes the most amazing flapjacks so I decided to steal the recipe for myself. Bearing in mind this recipe only consists of four ingredients, I was pretty confident of success and that delicious baked goods would be quickly forthcoming, with social media images easily ready to upload.⠀

Alas two attempts down and the results were only fit for the bin. But perseverance is certainly a virtue and the moral of the story is to never give up – third time around and the flapjack was conquered. Instead of a celebratory dance, I decided to lace them with an unhealthy amount of chocolate and biscoff. Cue a happy team, partner, and any clients we might be meeting within the next few days!⠀

You might think you’ve taken all the right steps to achieve what you want, but nothing goes perfectly. You just have to keep trying, persistence is key! Recipe requests always welcome 😊⠀



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