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  • Blythe Reynolds

AI: Friend or Foe?

I having a go with #OpenAI and showed my wife these images I had asked it to generate. Her first response was "How did your brain even think of those in the first place?!"

As someone in the creative industry, it can be easy to feel like AI is going to replace us. But as I believe, and as I have seen others remark, AI doesn't have to replace creativity - it can amplify it.

In the hands of someone with a naturally curious and creative mind, AI has far more potential than with someone who perhaps isn't that way inclined. With our human ideas and thoughts, we can use AI to speed up processes, generate what doesn't technically exist and further develop our own roster of skills.

I also know that AI is by no means perfect, my own concerns currently include copyright issues and plagiarism, but AI is constantly evolving, meaning that the possibilities for creative collaboration could be truly endless. So, instead of fearing AI, we should be embracing it as a tool to enhance our creativity. The future of innovation lies in our willingness to explore the unknown - and with AI as our ally, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

Oh and to further my point, AI ( wrote 90% of this post.


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